Welcome to our Parish Council Minutes


The Parish Council minutes follows the same format as the agendas.

The year runs from the 1st of April through to the 31st of March.

After each PC meeting the Parish Clerk drafts the minutes of that meeting.

The draft minutes are emailed to the Parish Council and uploaded to the website. The minutes stay in draft until the next PC meeting where they are considered for approval. When approved the ‘draft’ is removed and they become the legal minutes.

Any supporting documents are then destroyed and the minutes become the legal document for that meeting.

The minutes are not a word -for-word document but simply an overview of what the Parish Council meeting had entailed such as considerations, information, and updates. Previous minutes are located in the Archived Page.

List below are the minutes for the 2024 -2025 year:

                                                                                            Parish Council Minutes 2024 - 2025, (Please click here)



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