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In 2011 the Government passed the Localism Act, which is very far reaching and can bring many benefits to communities such as ours. The essence of this Act is to pass decision making powers further down the line and for local communities to become more involved in the matters that affect them.

In Dishforth we are fortunate to have a Parish Council, and the Parish Council is the driving body to deliver the Neighbourhood Plan and, subsequently, to administer it. As this is a major undertaking, the PC has involved the Community of Dishforth, via a working group, to complete the Neighbourhood Plan. To this end a couple of village meetings were organised in October and November 2016 to get the ball rolling. The first step of the process was to apply to Harrogate Borough Council to designate the plan area, which was decided would be the Parish of Dishforth. The Council formally recognised this on 9 February 2017.

The Neighbourhood Plan now needs to be compiled and we need to decide how we want our village to look and function in say 5, 10 and 15 years time and how as we, as a community, can fulfil that vision. This is were the work starts for all the members of our Community, and it is hoped all residents will become involved as a comprehensive and sound Neighbourhood Plan is our pathway to achieving these goals.

If you wish to become more actively involved by joining the Working Party please send your contact details to the contact address below.

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